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Cross Platform Object Oriented Input System. Meant to be very robust and compatiable with many systems and operating systems. Written in C# on .NET.

The SharpInputSystem is an effort to build an easy to use, cross platform input library capable of handling most input devices. Currently planned devices include Keyboard, Mouse, Joysticks and Feedback devices. The system is written using C# and supports the following API's :
  • DirectX9/XInput using SharpDX
  • X11 on Linux using custom P/Invokes
  • XNA/XInput

Future releases will incorporate Touch/Gestures in addition to the standard input devices.


05-30-2012 Borrillis
The long awaited fourth alpha release is now available. This release adds Xna and X11 support, bug fixes and some architectural changes.

02-26-2008 Borrillis
The third alpha release is now available. This release adds DirectX Joystick support.

06-08-2007 Borrillis
Second Aplha release is now available. This release adds support for SDL Mouse and Keyboard. Using SDL means that input is now available on both the Win32 and Linux platforms via Mono. Prepare for DirectX Joystick support in the next alpha, it should be release very shortly.

06-01-2007 Borrillis
Vicente from JADEngine has joined the project and will be working on the XNA support for Keyboard/Mouse and Joystick support.

04-30-2007 Borrillis
I released the first alpha of the project, it includes the Mouse and Keyboard support for DirectX. Work is now continuing on Sdl and DirectX Joystick support, both of which are nearing completion.

02-27-2007 Borrillis
The project is opened, and I am preparing for the first alpha release with DirectX Mouse/Keyboard support. Currently I have both working, but the mouse needs a bit more work to return proper values.

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